MCB Profile 

Marine Cluster Bulgaria (MCB) is an NGO involving SMEs, branch associations and chambers, educational institutions and R&D organizations covering a wide range of marine and maritime activities in the value chain of the Blue Growth sectors in Bulgaria.

The Cluster is aiming at promotion and coordination of initiatives and activities to achieve integrated, sustainable and competitive business environment for the sectors of the Bulgarian maritime economy. MCB supports entrepreneurial initiatives to introduce new product, technology, market, organizational and IT solutions, implementation of best practices, foreign experience, know-how and enables the members to sharing of material, technological, intellectual and human resources among members to achieve resource efficiency and competitiveness in the implementation of large-scale projects.

To meet business requirements to acquire and improve the staff’s qualifications and skills in line with the changing industry trends, MCB supports the development of modern education and training programs and courses. MCB organizes Blue Career Days to promote the opportunity for career development in various maritime sectors and make blue careers more attractive to young people.

Marine Cluster Bulgaria shares the EU strategic long-term vision for climate neutral economy by 2050 and related initiatives for green and clean waterborne transport aiming at fulfilling the goals for eliminating of any type of emissions from the maritime and inland water transport and competitive maritime technology sector. MCB is an active player in the policy making process and contributes to governmental authorities at regional and national level.